Exploring Spaces

from top left corner

  1. a digital/physical store at STPLN in malmö, sweden (the internet will save us all)
  2. personal workspace, shared studio in a basement in malmö, sweden
  3. quiet street in the middle of the night, bangkok, thailand
  4. karaoke birthday party in chiang mai, thailand
  5. restaurant, very late night snack, tokyo, japan
  6. flow of people in tokyo, japan
  7. a day in the life of a beatmaker in kunming, china
  8. quiet electric scooter street in beijing, china
  9. a robot promo agent in a supermakert in kunming, china
  10. teletrasnportation section of the unit, malmö, sweden
  11. concert in a re-purposed church in malmö, sweden
  12. ecurity house in a big street intersection in Beijing, china
  13. garbage waiting to be collected in tokyo, japan
  14. industrial working space in new york, usa
  15. saturday at a busy commercial street in tokyo, japan
  16. people playing cards in kunming, china
  17. inside contemporary art museum in bangkok, thailand
  18. surrounding of an active art gallery in bangkok, thailand
  19. hair salon with globalised hair styles in bangkok, thailand
  20. inside of a bus, chiang mai, thailand