My work explores sustainable futures where humans live between physical and digital places. 

Let’s work

I am open to collaborate across a range of projects – whether you’re an organization, a business, school, a creative community,  independent artists, if you’re looking for speakers or something else completely. 


Main working themes

Human behavior, transformation, innovation, and sustainable solutions. Products, services and multisensorial experiences. Intersections between knowledge exchange and spatial design. Co-creation methodologies between interdisciplinary actors. Overlap explorations between physical and digital spaces and multisensorial storytelling. Applied arts and tech for alternative learning, experimentation and sustainable development.


STPLN, Malmö City, Disorder Kollective, Giants are Small, Recapto, Hässleholm Municipality, CityTek Arch, Yalla Yalla Architecture, Malmö University, Insam University, Digital Bauhaus, Ignite City, Zero1, The Camp.