Julieta Talavera, born July 6, 1988 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


I’m a creator, designer and visual artist.


I develop places, products, and services centered on community using art, design, and technology.

My work explores sustainable futures, where humans live in between physical and digital spaces.


Early life

Julieta was born on July 6, 1988 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the only daughter of a tarot reader. She spent her early life living in Buenos Aires with her mom, grandmas, aunt and uncle.


2020: Copenhagen, Denmark

Combining her passion for design and her experience in hospitality, Julieta worked as a UX designer developing a mobile tool for staff recruitment. She applied design thinking to product development and did research on user behavior.


2019: Aix en Provence, France

Julieta joined a multidisciplinary residency in the south of France together with 20 other people from 17 different countries. During her time there she developed stronger skills in photography, film, Interface, UX design and leadership. She  consulted and developed projects on AI, interdisciplinary networks, digital wellness and sustainable product development.


2012-2018: Malmö, Sweden

In 2012 Julieta moved to the south of Sweden where she co-founded The Connectors Society, a non-profit design studio known for developing citizen driven methodologies for co-creation of urban spaces, art residencies, art installations and events. She hosted talks and workshops in Europe and Asia. She also worked as hotel cleaner, bartender, waitress, photographer and web designer.


2009 -2012: New York, USA

In 2009 Julieta moved to NYC and explored a wide range of jobs in hospitality and creative industries. She worked as a waitress, thing maker, baby sitter, art assistant, restaurant manager, production assistant, photographer, web designer, welder and translator.


2007-2008: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Julieta’s first job was as an early online community developer and SEO for a philatelic auction website. She also worked as call center representative doing sales and technical support, waitress and tarot reading performances with her mom.


Julieta studied Sociology at University of Buenos Aires, Social Entrepreneurship and Transnational Civil Society at New York University and International Relations at Malmö University in Sweden. She advocates learning-by-doing and traveling as dynamics forms of education.